A tool to analyse the constraint distribution of biological molecules solved by NMR spectroscopy. Trough string matching the server extracts for each residue the quantiy of constraints listed in the experimental NMR data file and generates:
  1. A clickable bar chart image
  2. A Jmol applet showing the structure of the molecule colored by the number of constraints per residue.
  3. A tabular representation of the constraints atom by atom.
  4. A pdb formatted file with the constraints per residue written in correspondence of the beta-factor column
  5. An hydrogen-bond calculation

For details and 'How to Cite' see: 'NMR Constraints Analyser: a web-server for the graphical analysis of NMR experimental constraints'. Heller, DM and Giorgetti, A. Nucleic Acids Research 2010
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*Supported formats for constraints files (.mr in RCSB PDB Data bank) are: CNS and DYANA/CYANA, for more information read the TUTORIAL
Developed by Davide Martin Heller and Dr. Alejandro Giorgetti
for support mailto: alejandro.giorgetti@univr.it